Céline Hudelot, Professor in Computer Science, Head of the MICS Laboratory

Welcome on my web site!

I am Professor in Computer Science at CentraleSupélec and head of the MICS (Mathematics Interacting with Computer Sciences) Laboratory.

I am a member of the LOGIMICS Team and responsible of the axis in Artificial Intelligence of the MICS.


My current research work focuses on the interpretability and explainability of AI systems with several axes:

  • The learning of universal (or invariant) representations in the context of transfer learning (or domain adaptation) and the integration of explicit expert knowledge into the learning process for greater control and interpretability of representations.
  • The development of data interpretation models capable of justifying and explaining their decisions and reasoning in a way that is understandable to a human being.
  • The development of new learning paradigms with little data (semi-supervised and poorly supervised learning, active and incremental learning) focusing on the richness and structure of expert annotations rather than their number.
  • Extension of previous approaches for complex and heterogeneous data